All New Zealand Asked Trump For Was 'Love'

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The only thing New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern asked of President Trump was to 'send sympathy and love for all Muslim communities.'
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19 mar 2019




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Jhonny Klukkustund síðan
I have relatives in New Zealand .. Obama was in nz one week before ..yes I heard that call between Jacinda AND TRUMP! THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT CONVERSATION.. YOU MAY HAVE TO PREPARE YOURSELF FOR SLANDER.. I PITY YOU WITH YOUR FAKE CANDID LAUGHTER ..
Cafer Ince
Cafer Ince 8 klukkustundum síðan
the comment about "human flesh" was bad!
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony 11 klukkustundum síðan
Our president is racist and andi-immigrant. I hate that clown. He can suck it!
Butch R
Butch R Degi Síðan síðan
An Aussie shoots up the place and Kiwi's are banned from owning semi auto guns??
The Worlds Most Excited Bird !
The Worlds Most Excited Bird ! Degi Síðan síðan
I’m from Christchurch and you don’t speak for me Colbert, we love Trump and his kind words to our country. You’re the one spewing hate, disgusting.
Sakiasi Seru
Sakiasi Seru 2 dögum síðan
Trump has done very well in his first term. White supremacists is abused and used to create hate by politicians.
studio88 3 dögum síðan
How about all the now 320+ murdered Christians just blown up in Sri Lanka? Where is your Cross to Virtue Signal for them oh Queen of NZ Jahidi Ardern! God Bless Trump! as he not a PUPPET like TRUDEAU, ARDERN, MAY, MERKEL+ MACRON!
Remy D
Remy D 2 dögum síðan
You won't hear a peep from Stephen Colbert about Sri Lanka.
John Butcher
John Butcher 3 dögum síðan
Beware Americans! Trump may permanently damage you!
ProjectFlashlight612 4 dögum síðan
Jacinta Ardern is a human, with all the weaknesses that identity brings. But, unlike many humans, she chooses to err on the side of love instead of cynicism. She was tested, and found able.
Kent Bronoham
Kent Bronoham 4 dögum síðan
Lets all stop and ask one question!!! The NZ Police gave this bloke a firearms licence, he did not modify an AR15 he walked into a store or logged online and purchased a bigger magazine for his legally owned AR15 the same thing nearly every A category licence holder does for their AR15 which sure under that licence is illegal but it is not a modification and can be legally purchased with an A class licence. Now to obtain a firearms licence in NZ you need to have 2 in person references that personally have known you for 2 years for the Police to talk with. This guy had not even lived in NZ for 2 years so this is impossible to achieve. Further more most rural communities in NZ have a few dope growers/dealers everyone knows who they are and I'm yet to meet one that doesn't have a firearms licence, some even have a B category (hand gun) licence and have been in prison for violent crimes, So id say this whole situation is down to one thing and that's a complete failure of the NZ Police vetting of firearm holders.
Jeff Enriquez
Jeff Enriquez 4 dögum síðan
Stephen, continue to allow the masses to live in a world of fantasy. They’re blind and are dumb enough to not think critically. I don’t care if you hate Trump or anyone else, but dismissing your opponents views as racist is just lazy thinking
Obaidullah Sujan
Obaidullah Sujan 5 dögum síðan
I always pray to Allah SWT for longest living of NZL PM Jacinda Ardern. From Bangladesh .
Thor, God of Thunder
Thor, God of Thunder 5 dögum síðan
❤️💋He has the right to remain silent but not the ability.💋❤️
brett Tobin
brett Tobin 5 dögum síðan
I did not ask for love, would rather have some funding to start a political party that isn't a globalist mouthpiece.
Moni life
Moni life 7 dögum síðan
Impressed with what that man say.from yemen
natural solutions
natural solutions 7 dögum síðan
I love your show
Alfred De Souza
Alfred De Souza 7 dögum síðan
#🌏💡🇬🇧👑👍:#HugeRespectsWithUnwaringHumilityAtAbovePowersOfGOD🌏💡💕👶🙅‍♂️💝🎉🌹💃👏:#NZPoweredByRt.Hon.PM! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!#SuccessiveExemplaryPowerfulVisionaryWomenOnGlobalReveredInternationalStageMentionsAtRt.Hon.NZPrimeMinisterAndMoreOnInternationalEnshrinedCommunity’sStage! More! #Rt.Hon.MadamHelenClarkGlobalAcknowledgedSweetAuntieForUs!#NobelPeacePrize!#FormerUNDPVisionaryAdministratorGoingGlobalPlacesForHugeChallengingHumanitariansActsForGlobalGoods! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS💕👶🙅‍♂️💝🌹🎉💃💎✊️✌️👏🙏:{. Respects!
dinden waliyyu
dinden waliyyu 7 dögum síðan
Jacinda Ardern is great leader 👍
badrul samsudin
badrul samsudin 8 dögum síðan
Mc.donald trump is an ashole!
Juanita Richards
Juanita Richards 8 dögum síðan
We are so proud to have had 3 women prime ministers (not that I agreed with the policies of one of them especially) but it's about time the USA had a woman leader, but not Hilary! There must be better candidates than her.......
jaya 8 dögum síðan
2:00 he went OFF!!!!
Bella Zhu
Bella Zhu 8 dögum síðan
A message to all the Colbert loving kiwi's fixated on Trump and Muslims... Grab your green card and HAERE ATU... Lets make NZ great again!
Chess Game
Chess Game 9 dögum síðan
Isis say “ Alkahu Akbar” and declare themselves as Muslims. Let’s use your logic and blame Islam for Isis :)
Chess Game
Chess Game 9 dögum síðan
The attack had nothing to do with hatred towards Islam, the shooter did it because he’s anti immigration. And there’s also no such thing as Islamophobia according to Qur’an 9:56-57
TheSpeedy Hernandez
TheSpeedy Hernandez 9 dögum síðan
08 Mohammad mehedi
08 Mohammad mehedi 9 dögum síðan
If I meet any newzelander anywhere in the world I will surely salute him or her. Because of what they are and they have I.e "Love" and "respect " for others.
kiaora te whanau
kiaora te whanau 10 dögum síðan
yoza from New Zealand
Caiden 11 dögum síðan
False flag mossad attack
Billie Tom
Billie Tom 11 dögum síðan
This makes me a proud citizen of New Zealand Aotearoa 🤧🖤
Leanne Dickson
Leanne Dickson 11 dögum síðan
What a leftie fucktard statement Trump doesnt love anything but himself Yeah thats why he is doing this job called running your country for zero $$$$$ And is the only president since kennedy who is trying his hardest to keep his promises. You know what america i will swap ya leaders You can have our sell out leader And i will take one who really loves his country
Maria May
Maria May 11 dögum síðan
5:04 he's kissing him with his teeth x")
chevelle hohaia
chevelle hohaia 12 dögum síðan
I'm not a kiwi I'm a human
GMK OSU 13 dögum síðan
Tautoko te whenua Aotearoa
Caddy Vayers
Caddy Vayers 13 dögum síðan
Next up on Kellyanne Conway's book review list: Mein Kampf
Abbii MSP
Abbii MSP 13 dögum síðan
I’m born and raised in NewZealand and I still live here 🇳🇿 So happy that Jacinda rules our country❤️ All love sent out to those affected by the shooting 🙏❤️🥰🇳🇿😭
eye2eye erigavo
eye2eye erigavo 13 dögum síðan
TRUMP is simply an empty kakistocrat..
Chaudry Azam
Chaudry Azam 13 dögum síðan
Hey the way our president talks, abt immigration and racism 1st lady is best revenge she's a foreigner with no American accent and living in white house. If he keeps doing it maybe our future 1st lady is from Mexico or a Muslim. lol.
azmiya faleel
azmiya faleel 13 dögum síðan
"He is not biting, he is kissing with his teeth', the truth...
Kristoff Lopez
Kristoff Lopez 14 dögum síðan
the big difference of the peace loving Queen of peace of new zealand Prime minister Jacinda Ardem. with Triump is a big supporters of devil advocate for hated,killings and war mongering for supporting the devil state of Israel zionist jew. while the great kind peace loving peoples of new zealand and its Angel Prime minister Jacinda Ardem.a Queen of peace who she teach the world for love,care,respect,for one another whatever religion, color,races you belongs.
David Edwards
David Edwards 15 dögum síðan
Isn't it strange that a catholic church in the Philippines was bombed and 25 people were killed, and yet that didn't make the mainline news. Is this an indication of just how Muslims are taking over the world? No need for violence from them, they just take control of the media. 6000 Christian women and children massacred in Africa, and not a word on the TV about it. Perhaps Christians should start acting like the Muslims. Let's complain when someone (or almost everyone) on TV says, Oh my god. Why do we never hear Oh my allah?
Lion heart
Lion heart 15 dögum síðan
Jesindra is the best pm in the world
Dude Yo
Dude Yo 15 dögum síðan
Muslim worshippers?! Who wrote your script? If you are trying to be PC it's are called people of Islamic faith. They don't worship Muslim. Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
ajdoman317 15 dögum síðan
This is why I don't watch late night talk shows. It has become way too political. I condemn all acts of violence on unarmed, innocent people. I am a former Muslim myself and I can tell you that there is hate and killing on both sides. Islamophobia is bad, but that does not mean radical Islam should be tolerated, just like any religious extremism. I feel horribly for the victims in New Zealand, but the conservative bashing on late night shows is so blatant and annoying. Tarrant himself said he aligned with both far-left and far-right ideologies and yet we keep hearing only about 'far-right extremism.' Fuck Brenton Tarrant and whatever he stands for.
FLEX316 16 dögum síðan
I remember when this guy was funny late nite tv is crap now day's
Uproar 16 dögum síðan
Since the start of the year, there's been over 500 muslim terror attacks and some have a death toll in the 100's.
suliman alsayegh
suliman alsayegh 16 dögum síðan
I am a muslim...and what the PM of new zealand did in handling this bad event was really amazing The love and support from all of new zealeand people really helped the muslim community to process the pain and agony caused by this terrible act of terrorism Thank you New Zealand and love for all of you
Uproar 16 dögum síðan
Why don't you go to the middle east and pay the blood for your peace, fucking coward instead of leeching those who did.
kim nana
kim nana 16 dögum síðan
love youu man
Zul O Curran
Zul O Curran 16 dögum síðan
Very true. The nicest people are the kiwis
Nisha Khan
Nisha Khan 17 dögum síðan
I salute to New Zealand's P.M.🤦‍♀️not only she is a great human being but she is also a greates p.m.
saidur islam vlogs
saidur islam vlogs 17 dögum síðan
Trump is racist,he should learn how to treat all kind peaople from newzelend prime Minister jaicindra ardern, great leader I have ever seen jacindra ardern,love from india ❤️
Nazia Majid
Nazia Majid 17 dögum síðan
I am a British Pakistani, watching the attitude of NZ PM the pain has gone, her attitude was heart touching, can't believe JACINDA ARDEN's COUNTRY an be that wonderful , love u NZ
Uproar 16 dögum síðan
No your just a pakistani invading britain
chris bale
chris bale 18 dögum síðan
If there was a mass shooting on another planet donald trump would be the go to guy to diss
Uproar 16 dögum síðan
There's been about a dozen Christian church shootings since the start of this year a few with a death count 3 times higher than NZ, so you're wrong fucking traitor.
delowar hossan
delowar hossan 18 dögum síðan
I love nz pm and she is best in the world.
christine Roberts
christine Roberts 18 dögum síðan
Why would anyone bother. She will regret loving these people. Pure evil to the core. Trump has it right
tom thecasual
tom thecasual 15 dögum síðan
ohhh so delusional. its sad
Fama Ameen
Fama Ameen 18 dögum síðan
1.30 that's not trumps brand 😆😆 u r hilarious my man😂
Fama Ameen
Fama Ameen 18 dögum síðan
I love ur channel Stephen
Umar AlFarooq
Umar AlFarooq 18 dögum síðan
I used to be Colbert fan. In fact, I purchased Hulu service ONLY for his show. Now he's degraded to a professional Trump basher. Now he just makes me yawn.
محمد العتيبي Ko
محمد العتيبي Ko 18 dögum síðan
thanks Stephen you're the only one until know who call him a terrorist. i hope that the other stupids stop calling him a shooter because terrorism has no religion!!!!!
koyla empire
koyla empire 19 dögum síðan
Israeli politicians and their sponsors are Byzantines and not Jews, Bcoz Jews will never torture or murder innocents after knowing the ugly feelings of loosing your dear ones since the pharaohs period till the holocaust, so imagine how can a Jew really and honestly throws out and murders a Palestinian ,its impossible , these genocide makers are Byzantines using Jewish identity to carry out their ugly mission, no practicing Jews endorses Palestinian murders/displacements even today.....peace
Aamirr Hhhzz
Aamirr Hhhzz 19 dögum síðan
Yet he won the election
koyla empire
koyla empire 19 dögum síðan
Huzaifah Shaikh
Huzaifah Shaikh 19 dögum síðan
New Zealanders are some of the most kindest and honest people in this World, such a good soul the PM is
Uproar 16 dögum síðan
Too bad you're sitting here and in support of them going extinct
Arshad Soamber
Arshad Soamber 19 dögum síðan
Why do they need trumps love anyway....he loves nothing except money
kuro yama
kuro yama 19 dögum síðan
Hope, it make us realized that muslim arent terrorist.even no muslim ever funded the ISIS and we know media that keep saying so.
You Tube
You Tube 19 dögum síðan
Islam is the true religion.
mark lewfatt
mark lewfatt 19 dögum síðan
My heart n Tear's go out the the Muslim community n the people of New Zealand.F**k TRUMP .And I'm a Australian Aborigine Darwin, N.T
Chad Coley
Chad Coley 20 dögum síðan
The US should aspire to be more like New Zealand and I’m serious. There has been an increase in radical white male crime since Trump won presidency. He has brought out the worst in people and he does this so well because he is a disgusting human being.
dr nayk
dr nayk 20 dögum síðan
Colbert has sold his soul.
Zahra Ali
Zahra Ali 20 dögum síðan
Trump is self-centered person
Rishi Behal
Rishi Behal 20 dögum síðan
If you ask me Muslims are partly responsible for what happened to them .Now before someone starts screaming at me in the comments and calls me an islamophobe let me make one clear. I absolutely condemn terrorists attacks like New Zealand and it's awful that a community has to face such stigmatisation but theres also a good reason for it .Every theocracy in the world except the Vatican is muslim. These nations along with most oher muslim majority nations also have commited huge human rights violations in the name of religion stuff like oppression of women and religious minorities,LGBT issues Etc. You have stuff like Isis. Muslims also generaly tend to be very conservative. Now every country regardless of religion used to suffer from such issues but they've changed while muslims seem to be stuck on the past and if they want to reduce the massive amounts of stigma against them they'll have to put in a LOT of effort from their side as well.
Daily Viral
Daily Viral 20 dögum síðan
Americans want America to be like sweden.
shesha hayat
shesha hayat 20 dögum síðan
Like your show bravo 👏👏👏👏 ! Good sense of humour combined with sense of justice; somehow 😉😆
shesha hayat
shesha hayat 20 dögum síðan
It’s “ Musselmaans “ and it’s “ Masjids “ plz show respect like musellmaans does to all of us , calling us as v like to be mentioned like Christians , Jews etc
Ravshan Abdullah
Ravshan Abdullah 20 dögum síðan
Thank you Stephen. God bless you for supporting humanity.
Mohamad Azam
Mohamad Azam 20 dögum síðan
Thumbs up to New Zealand. Bright people.
thax Jasinda and your country we Love You from Indonesia
Viral India
Viral India 20 dögum síðan
*Salute to NZ prime minister & people's..* 💌
Waleed Hassan
Waleed Hassan 21 degi síðan síðan
Sir u are legend actually all countries need a prime minister like u , U showing true face western media and his thinking about islam sir u r great person from pakistan...
Murry King
Murry King 21 degi síðan síðan
America is a country full of haters. I used to live in America and moved to Canada because how ignorant and hateful people in America are. The Middle East suffer from America and hope they pay for it someday. The republicans are a cancer to world of Islam
Santino Morehu-Smith
Santino Morehu-Smith 21 degi síðan síðan
New Zealand Represent! I know it's not relevant but
Victoria Grayce
Victoria Grayce 21 degi síðan síðan
He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people. Arohanui to all my Muslim family Aotearoa mourns with you ❤️
Hatori Sachiyo
Hatori Sachiyo 21 degi síðan síðan
Donald Trump is the worst Christian
Michele Johnson
Michele Johnson 21 degi síðan síðan
Hi for New Zealand. Freedom means it's ok for me to be an atheist, but I will protect our Muslim NZers to worship anywhere and be safe to do it. Love and compassion are easier to give than hate. Kia Kaha.
Alyxendrr Paezaneo
Alyxendrr Paezaneo 21 degi síðan síðan
*Floofald floof destroyed*
Keith Williams
Keith Williams 21 degi síðan síðan
I never liked trump to begin with, but everyone is creating a lose lose situation for him. No matter what he does he is going to be stuck with these labels. I don't like Trump as a person and would not trust him with leading our country and his politics are horrible, but everyone takes everything he says and twists and bends it until its completely distorted. You've the Trump lovers who are fanatical about him and you've got the Trump haters who will do anything to tear him down, both sides are wrong. Everyone needs to pull their head out of their ass and start thinking for themselves instead of hopping on bandwagons.
Patty Cake
Patty Cake 21 degi síðan síðan
I love me some Stephen Colbert. God bless
Bradden Scott
Bradden Scott 21 degi síðan síðan
Dude, Trump can't goosestep, goosestepping is hard.
amal camui
amal camui 21 degi síðan síðan
For the 5:15 minutes. THANK YOU mr Colbert ❤
Aktar Hussain
Aktar Hussain 21 degi síðan síðan
Great green new Zealand... Love only love
B Tchaikovsky
B Tchaikovsky 22 dögum síðan
I'm from Christchurch, and I'm honestly jealous of the strong leader the United States have. He wants to protect his people and freedom. In NZ we are being censored of our free speech and bills are being passed without fair democratic process after this attack, youth suicide is still extremely high, child poverty is prevalent, tax issues. One sees Jacinda Ardern and assumes she is amazing and fantastic in all ways. This isn't true, there are massive issues with this government but everyone else in the world sees her virtue signalling in a hijab and assumes she's wonderful. Great! She's a nice lady and what happened was a horrific tragedy. A leader needs good policy to match, and I don't see her having that as a priority for my country unfortunately. Wake up to your leaders, people. Be logical and inform yourselves.
stachys lamb
stachys lamb 11 dögum síðan
Oh dear... National lost, time to move on
Lenny Lynch
Lenny Lynch 22 dögum síðan
Republicans have actively tried to prevent minorities from voting.
Sahiba Empress
Sahiba Empress 22 dögum síðan
I'm so proud of you New Zealand. And your Prime Minister is beautiful 🤗♥️♥️♥️.... Stephen Colbert your the best too🐅
Nocando 22 dögum síðan
At least “trump’s presidency” is going to be one a heck of a story with a lesson for our grandkids. What did we learn from this story kids? Kids: Trump is a disgrace to humanity.
ENKI Epic 22 dögum síðan
Loyal for ever
Loyal for ever 22 dögum síðan
Thank you so much.. All respect ❤
Palla d'Aubrey
Palla d'Aubrey 22 dögum síðan
And instead of Trump Stephen Colbert delivered, :-)
Shan 22 dögum síðan
SALUTE to this wise man.
Sajida Syed
Sajida Syed 22 dögum síðan
NZ is the greatest cponyry in the world in respect to love and respect for humanity, and stand justice and the truth. LOVE YOU NZ LANDERS.
Sajida Syed
Sajida Syed 22 dögum síðan
Wanderer Falcon
Wanderer Falcon 22 dögum síðan
How is this possible to criticize the president at this level on a mainstream media?
stachys lamb
stachys lamb 11 dögum síðan
Anyone should be able to criticise the leader of their country on any level.
Lenny Lynch
Lenny Lynch 22 dögum síðan
when the president is this much of a complete fucktrumpet
road warrior
road warrior 22 dögum síðan
Hamish.. hyde park speaker's corner ..ISvid .
CeCe Tamihana
CeCe Tamihana 23 dögum síðan
🤔it’s easy to say good things about nz and the government when you aren’t a native here that knows what the governments actually like😐
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