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How Did HP Fail This Hard?
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Get LTX 2019 Featuring DreamHack tickets NOW at Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at On paper the new HP Spectre x360 2019 should be the ultrabook to rule them all, but in practice... things aren't quite so simple. Buy the HP Spectre x360 On Amazon: geni...
Google Stadia Is Here. Is Xbox Doomed?
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Google Stadia is here. Stadia marks Google's entry into AAA gaming via a new game streaming service. Google says you'll be able to stream game titles up to 4K 60fps on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV (via Chromecast). Is Google Stadia the future of video games? Are you ready for a...
Top 5 Android Q Features!
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Android Q beta is here! Hands-on with the best new features. To install Android Q beta: AndroidPolice running list of features: MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I use: Tech I'm using right now:
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Found a couple of flat earth discord servers full of real flat earthers Josh: New merch dropping 22nd of March!: Book me on Cameo: Twitter: Snapchat: Memeulous Instagram:
Van de Graaff Generator in Slow Motion
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Gav and Dan break down how lightning works while continuously shocking Dan at 28,000 frames per second with a Van de Graaff Machine.
A Robot That Picks Tomatoes Out of Your Salad
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Get Honey and start saving money today ▸ It’s FREE, and it only takes 2 clicks to start saving at stores like Amazon, Newegg, and eBay. Pretend I'm not completely losing my mind and look at this robot I built. Tomatoes are yucky, cruel jokes played by god on humanity, i...
Buying YouTuber Merch & DIYing It #2
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✂ click to join the #prettylittlelaurs fam!! ✂ SHOP LAURDIY PRODUCTS: HAPPY #SUNDIY !!! I'm back with the 2nd episode of Buying ISvidr Merch & DIYing It (aka making free commercials for ISvidrs I like wearing their merch and stimulating their businesses). I&#...
Galaxy Unpacked 20.02.2019. Official Replay
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Watch the unveiling of the new Galaxy devices at Unpacked. Learn more: #GalaxyS10 #GalaxyFold #SamsungEvent #Unpacked #GalaxyBuds #GalaxyWatch Active #DJKoh
Watch Samsung Unveil Its Foldable Phone - The Galaxy Fold
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At its Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event, Samsung showed off its first foldable phone. Starting at $1,980, the phone will be available in the US starting in April. MORE SAMSUNG CONTENT: Samsung’s Galaxy S10 & Galaxy Fold Event In 6 Minutes